Why English is Important?

English is the language of international communication. It is the only language that is spoken as a first language by 400 million people around the world but that's not all, it is also the most common second language in the world and adopted as an official language by 53 countries. On a global level, there has been an upward trend towards adopting English as the official language among companies and institutions. With this, it becomes imperative for individuals in India to embrace the language to compete in the society and professional market.

Whoever are you a student, a job seeker, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, or a retired person English is something that you had always been come across whether you want to excel in your studies, seeking for a good job, expand your business, teach your child or if you are an inquisitive or a linguaphile English completes your personal and professional needs.

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Our vision is to create opportunities for people by developing their personal and professional communication skills which make them more presentable and dynamic. Our work seeks opportunities to develop interpersonal qualities, sustainably developed cultured environment among the present and upcoming society.

Pedagogy of teaching

Tuitly is an online tutorial platform that provides 1:1 live interactive classes to the individual. In tuitly, our Mentors give personalized teaching followed by a customized curriculum crafted based on the need of a person. As learning is a two-way process hence, our pedagogy is followed by various activities to enhance the speaking, listening, and critical thinking of an individual. Our students are benefitted in their personal and their professional communication but they also finish up by excelling in their public speaking skills. So if you want to be a pro from a struggler then join Tuitly now!!


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