20 Slang words everyone should know
Dec 19, 2022 | 2:21 PM
  1. Gutted- very sad.

I lost 25th time in the game I m gutted.

  1. Knackered-very tired

I worked out for 1.5 hours extra today. I am knackered.

  1. Skint- have no money

I lost in the gambling today. I am skint.

  1. Loaded- very rich

I won the lottery today hence I am loaded.

  1. Laid back- Relaxed

This weekend was very laid back.

  1. Chill- calm.

The mood of my husband was chilled out today as he earned good in Stocks.

  1. Lame- fantastic.

That’s so lame that you cant go out tonight.

  1. Bummer- a disappointment.

That’s such a bummer. I`m sorry that happened.

  1. Shady- questionable or suspicious.

I saw a shady guy in my neighborhood last night.

  1. Bomb- Really good.

That sandwich was bomb.

  1. Hot – Attractive.

He/She is hot.

  1. Beat – Tired

I was so beat after soccer game.

  1. Sick – Awesome.

Those shoes are sick!

  1. Epic – Grand  or awesome.

That was an epic party last night.

  1. Ripped – Very physically.

Tom is ripped.

  1. Cheesy – silly.

The romantic comedy we watched was very cheesy.

  1. Flakey – Indecisive

John is so flakey. He never shows up when he says he will.

  1. It sucked – bad/poor quality.

That movie sucked.

  1. Chick – A girl or young woman.

That chick is hilarious.

  1. Whiz- A really smart person.

Sally is a whiz at math.

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