A Housewife’s Journey To Mastering English
Jul 24, 2022 | 9:49 PM

Reema, a 38-year-old homemaker, was educated till 12th grade at a Hindi Medium School, and later, went on to pursue Home Science as a graduate. After she became a mother and had her children going to super competitive English Medium Schools of today’s age, she started to feel something was missing. As much as she provided for her children, she still lacked the English skills to help her children with their education in a cutthroat competition of Public Schools. 

Housewife learning English

Reema decided to step up and go for a spoken English program that didn’t only train her to be fluent enough to help her children, but also improve her expression, in general. Here’s a dive into Reema’s journey to mastering English with www.tuitly.com. Starting With Herself One of the main things that mentors at Tuitly Academy make sure of is to always start by helping the student open up about themselves first, and then jump into other areas. Before our 1:1 personal sessions, Reema was taking batch classes that focused on more academic and surface learning, instead of routine-based skill learning. We, however, took a different turn, and Reema was taught how to express her identity, her likes and dislikes, her habits, her daily routine, her challenges, and more. Relevant Situations If a non-native English speaker is at a beginner level with learning English as a skill, it is important that they learn to express situations that are relevant to them, in English. A housewife will not find value in speaking on a topic that involves a business meeting when she’s still struggling to explain the recipe of a dish. Why? Because a business meeting situation is not relatable for her. Customized classes at Tuitly are about making your experience as personalized as possible. Moving from routine communication to public speaking is the aim. Beyond the Routine At Tuitly, we offer you a 100 days journey to help you become fluent in English and if that journey has to start with learning the basics of sentence structuring, then so be it. Reema, as she grew comfortable with her mentor during the 1:1 session, opened up about wanting to make videos on baking, as baking is her favorite pastime. Starting from learning how to speak about her day properly, to being fluent enough to make baking videos in English, Reema mastered English at Tuitly, and went beyond routine communication. Learning English is not just about speaking on Google searched topics or academic Grammar. It is about expressing yourself in a language that is not native to you. English is the main medium of communication in today’s age and is not restricted to just school or college students. In fact, learning has no age. If you have a desire to master Spoken English, reach out to Tuitly Academy ([https://www.tuitly.com/](link)) today, and get fluent in 100 days with bespoke sessions and mentors from around the country.

Why Us?

English is just a language, we are not teaching it you might know most of them but we help you to be fluent with it. We help you to increase confidence through active communication during the session.


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