Pillars of Spoken English Language
Nov 14, 2022 | 7:05 AM

English is a beautiful language. Language learning is built on a solid foundation of four basic pillars: -

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

It took me years of success and failure to realize the importance of these four pillars as a mentor. Performing activities that include practising each of these aspects is key to learning the language. A newborn baby doesn`t know any language, he listens to his family members. As time passes by, he eventually attempts to speak or replicate what he hears. After this, he goes to school and reads the target language. Seeing it in print and symbols is important. Lastly, writing is introduced to reproduce the target language.


LISTENING: - It is the primary learning skill. Listening is indeed the utmost powerful skill needed for an adequate understanding of the English language. Without the ability to listen properly, the understanding is highly mistaken. Anything such as listening to podcasts, or listening to music will practice your listening skills. Listening can be active n passive. Active listening, which is highly effective but requires you to be fully engaged in what you are doing, and passive listening which is not as effective but allows you to do something entirely different at the same time such as cleaning the house or preparing breakfast.

SPEAKING: - Speaking is the second of the four learning skills. Speaking means communicating or expressing one`s thoughts and feelings in spoken language. It is the most challenging skill to acquire for most people because it is harder to put into practice. There are plenty of resources available to help you learn a language at home, but in the end, you need to get out there and speak it. Speaking is the end goal of many people and it must become part of your learning routine. Speaking to yourself and trying to shape sentences as you chat along with your own ego will greatly improve your speaking skill. It includes excelling the sounds, phonetics, intonation, modulation and variation to convey thoughts and ideas effectively. In my opinion, the accent may vary from place to place but pronunciation should always be correct to make an impressive speech.

READING: - There are ample reading strategies available. One has to find out what works best for him. The fundamental kind of reading practices are:

  1. Skimming
  2. Scanning
  3. Intensive
  4. Extensive

If you want to reach a high level of the language you need to make reading a part of your routine. Reading will work wonders on your English language learning journey.

WRITING: - Writing is the fourth aspect we need to excel in in order to gain command over the language. It can always be improved by composing and organising thoughts on a given topic. A lot of people seem to be a bit reluctant to write. Writing is like speaking in slow motion, you can take all time to find words and form sentences. Writing also includes other aspects of the language.

Practice is the key rule to mastering spoken English. Whether it is speaking with a large audience of thousands of people or giving presentations one to one. We need effective communication in order to make a last impression on people. Practising for just fifteen minutes can be of great help.

Why Us?

English is just a language, we are not teaching it you might know most of them but we help you to be fluent with it. We help you to increase confidence through active communication during the session.


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