How To Stop Being Shy - Speak Confidently
Oct 29, 2022 | 7:49 AM

From a Shy kid(poor in English) to a communication Trainer and Motivational Speaker-Sandip Bose

Hailing from a middle-class family and studying in a regional medium school I have always doubted my ability to speak in English in front of anyone. Till the time one family acquaintance advised me to read an English newspaper Everything was so dark for me when it comes to speaking in English. Reading English newspapers after waking up has completely changed my life and it's true. I never looked back in terms of confidence. It has cultivated the seed in me for better and brighter career growth. When I started reading I took it as fun. But when I was rejected in the interview at MNC I realized it can change my life if I become serious. I only used to read the headlines which were in bold letters. Again rejection in MNC opened my eyes and I was thinking that I can speak but I was wrong. 

There are so many aspects of language and communication which were missing from my dictionary. Slowly I would figure out the importance of pronunciation, accent, intonation, and voice modulation. In the meantime, my interest shifted from Bollywood to Hollywood. I have found a totally different world in Hollywood movies. It has helped me a lot to understand the language and its nuances. Initially, I used to watch with subtitles as it was tough to understand what they are saying because of the accent but with time I have mastered the art of observation and active listening. 

Then a time came when I could easily understand what they are saying without subtitles. With James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, I stepped into a difficult terrain which is British movies where the accent is a bit strenuous at times. When I joined MNC, I was responsible for handling incoming calls from British customers, It took me one week to understand what they are saying. After one week it was not so difficult for me. Seven and a half months of listening and talking with them gave me great confidence. I would proudly say to myself if I can talk with them then I can talk with anyone around the world. But again things fall stand still You know there is a saying “practice makes a man perfect”. When I left my job my English speaking skill was deteriorating. Then again the journey started to find perfection and I felt that I can work as a teacher. My dream came true I joined a CBSE Medium School as an assistant teacher. Where again the learning curve started. I learned so many things from my colleagues who are more experienced than me. After working there for almost 1 year I got a good opportunity to work as soft skills Trainer. 

I started my research and I found communication is one aspect that comes under this skill. This Job gave an exposure never before. For the first time in my life, I fell in love with my Job. I spent two and half years working for a reputed NPO and again I got a better opportunity to work for another reputed NPO in the country. My life changed as I became a different person altogether as I have seen the life of the specially-abled from a close range. After working with them I realized my true calling which is definitely teaching but on a different level. Working from Home was a new normal for many of us. I was teaching students who are from different states and countries. Once a Shy kid poor in English was teaching global students and teaching grammar concepts to Students who are from English medium schools. Though out this journey one motto was clear to me 

“believe in yourself and anything can happen no matter where are you from”.

Why Us?

English is just a language, we are not teaching it you might know most of them but we help you to be fluent with it. We help you to increase confidence through active communication during the session.


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